Monday, March 22, 2010

Cappuccino, Nutrition Facts

I honestly think that this is the best coffee product. Yes, it is better than espresso, latte, or else. Cappuccino has the real taste and flavor. But what about the nutrition? Have you give a thought?

If you made one by your self :
Serving Size: 1 Cup; Calories: 63, Total Fat: 6g, Carbs: 1.8g, Protein: 4.5g

If you bought it at the nearest Starbucks :
Serving Size: 1 Grande drink / 16 oz; Calories: 110, Total Fat: 3.5g, Carbs: 10g, Protein: 7g

Cappuccinos are not considered nutrient dense. The main vitamin found in cappuccinos is Vitamin A, which is a fat-soluble vitamin that aids in cell metabolism. A 12 oz. cappuccino with soy milk contains 6 percent of the recommended daily value (DV). A 12 oz. cappuccino with nonfat milk contains 9 percent DV. A 12 oz. cappuccino with whole milk contains 5 percent DV.

As for minerals, cappuccinos with nonfat milk and whole milk are high in calcium (20 and 23 percent DV, respectively). Cappuccinos with soy milk contain a moderate amount of calcium (16 percent of daily value) and a small amount of Iron (3 percent of daily value). Calcium helps maintain bone and teeth health. Iron transports oxygen through the blood.

So, it is better to made one by yourself though.

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