Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bulk Up Food and Diet

If you want to do bulk up phase, make sure you really know about the diet. In bulk up phase, you basically eat much. But still you have to be picky!

If you're serious about putting on size, you have to be serious about getting a continuous supply of nutrients into your body. If you don't get hungry every two hours, keep a constant vigil on your wristwatch. Two hours after you finish eating, it's time to eat again. You must never go into a catabolic state, in which your body begins to feed off your muscles for their protein content. it may seem impossible to get that many meals down, but with plastic containers and a cooler it's fairly simply. Just cook all your food at the same time, pack it up and carry the cooler with you all day.

Those with low body metabolism should do clean bulking. In this you eat well keeping a strict watch on the amount of fat you consume. Staying clear of all junk foods, candies, chips and soft drinks is essential.


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