Saturday, April 10, 2010

Healthy Pick at Pizza Hut

Who doesn't love pizza hut? That restaurants are located scattered over the world. People need pizza, right?

If you go to Pizza Hut, make sure you pick the right choice. Pick the healthiest one, so that you can put pizza in your diet plan.

First you have to look for low calorie hints on the menu like "fit," "thin" or "lite." These are all on certain areas of the menu that offer lower calorie options, such as their Fit-n-Delicious Pizzas which range from 150 to 170 calories per slice.

Request half the cheese on your pizza to cut down the calories without losing a lot of the flavor. Avoid the meat-heavy pizzas as they are loaded with calories and fat. Hitting the top of the list is the Large Pan Crust Meat Lovers Pizza at 530 calories/31 g. fat per slice.

Try substituting items to create something just for you. For example, get the Thin n-Crispy crust with no sauce, light cheese and lots of veggies for a low-calorie solution.


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