Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eating Diet Cookies

If you are doing real diet, it means that you only eat big meal once a day, drinking protein milk for your breakfast and dinner, then you need diet cookies for your extra meal time. Usually it is at 10.00 AM and 16 AM.

Being hungry and craving sweets are two of the main reasons people fall off their diets. But what if eating cookies and not being hungry was part of your diet plan? The Cookie Diet uses cookies to entice dieters into easy weight loss. After all, what could be more appealing than losing weight while indulging in one of our favorite treats?

"One of the greatest motivators to sticking to a diet is when you manage hunger, decrease cravings, and watch the weight come off, and virtually everyone will lose weight at 800 calories,"

Some of the cookie diets are designed for people to follow on their own with some online guidance; others are done under medical supervision.

Diet cookies consist low fat mainly, and it usually high in fiber and protein. Truthfully I don't like it. But if you doing real diet, then you need it.


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