Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lose Your Weight With Tofu

Is it possible? Yes, of course! Tofu is a very healthy diet food which made from soybean. Don't ever underestimated the soybean. There are many kind of tofu meal, the variety is from cooking it with oil or without one. The calories are different.

Tofu is dense and can be cubed and stir-fried, grilled, scrambled, pickled, smoked, baked, barbecued or served in soups. Firm tofu is higher in protein, fats and calcium than other types of tofu. Traditionally in the U.S., tofu was eaten by vegetarians as a protein substitute for meat. It was generally served plain, in large chunks completely devoid of flavor.

Tofu can be added to an infinite number of dishes or served as a main dish all its own. For non-meat eaters, tofu can be used as an alternative.

A typical 8-ounce serving of tofu contains only 147 calories. That's 3 times less than an equal weight of eggs and about 5 times less than an equal weight of beef. Tofu is also low in saturated fats and entirely free of cholesterol. Great numbers, rite mate?

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