Friday, May 28, 2010

South African Diet

The world cup is going to be held at South Africa this year. Have you ever wonder about the local food in there? Does African foods are full of meat?

Throughout Africa, the main meal of the day is lunch, which usually consists of a mixture of vegetables,legumes, and sometimes meat. However, though different meats are considered staples in many areas, many Africans are not able to eat meat often, due to economic constraints. Beef, goat, and sheep (mutton) are quite expensive in Africa, so these foods are reserved for special days. However, fish is abundant in coastal regions and in many lakes.

The most common dish made from cornmeal is called mealie meal, or pap in South Africa. Also known as nshima or nsima further north, it is usually eaten with stew poured over it. The stew may include a few boiled vegetables, such as cabbage, spinach, or turnips, or on more special occasions, fish, beans, or chicken.

South Africans love their braais (barbeques) and are passionate about how it should be done, so be warned - don't interfere with a South African man and his braai! But there are many more delicious, traditional South African foods available; the most famous of this is probably biltong , which is strips of dried meat which come in various flavour and types.

Hmm.. So delicious!

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