Friday, May 28, 2010

Keep Update!

Being a good doctor is so hard. Yes, that is the truth. Becoming a great doctor is harder. The world is changing whatsoever. Doctors aren’t look up as gods again, like the old time. Doctors are the money field for lawyers. So in order to prevent all the things you don’t want to happen, you have to be a great doctor because just being a good doctor is not enough.

You have to care about your patients. You have to be a good listener for the patients. You also must keep your knowledge update by doing medical teaching course . Yes, that is a good way to keep you informed. There are hospitals or universities which held the teach the teacher course . This course maybe is the key for doctors to make them smarter.

In the course you will be put in a small group – each, with great speakers from the experts. You will also get 12 CME Points, which have been approved. You will also get a certificate of medical teaching course for doctors - course completion for your portfolio. Joining the course will increase your value as a doctor. Make sure you applied your knowledge better than before.

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