Monday, May 3, 2010

Too Hot and Spam Email

I don't know why but my PC keeps crashing out and when I restart it, it shows "The CPU Temperature is Too Hot!", then the PC crash again. From what I read, maybe it is because of the fan or the dust on my dusty PC. Anyway, let's the expert handle it.

Are you regularly getting spam email like this :


The Chief Auditor/Information manager,

In-Charge of Foreign Unit

African Development Bank Group,

Ouaga. Burkina-Faso.

Dear Good Friend,

I am Mr.Musa Garuba, The Chief Auditor/Information Manager, In-Charge of Foreign Unit of our bank and i have had the intent to contact you over this financial transaction/transfer worth the sum of Twenty Nine Million Two Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars (US$29.2M)for our progress and richness.This is an abandoned sum that belongs to our late foreign customer (an International Billionaire French Businessman) who died in plane crash disaster since five years ago along with his wife.

I was opportune to see the deceased deposit file bearing this huge amount of money when i was inspecting the dated and current customers files in other to sign and submit to the entire bank management for an official validation / re-documentation against the statement approval to the account holders for the year. In a swift investigation carried out by me, i found out that non of the deceased relative is aware of the abandoned fund except his late wife.

As a result of that, it is an extremely confidential matter between me and you.

Hence you are a foreigner to our country, you are authorized by our Banking law to apply and claim the fund into your account as the NEXT-OF-KIN to the deceased. For assisting me to get the fund transferred into your bank account, the ratio of 40% of the total sum is for your share whereas 60% is for me as business pioneer.

Please i need your urgent response on assurance of trust that you will not deny my right of the share once the fund gets into your account because i am a poor civil servant who depend on little monthly salary. That you are the one who will help me to get visa to your country immediately i resign from my work on the instant of the transfer into

your account.

If you are really sure of your integrity, trustworthy, and confidentiality,

reply urgently and to prove that, include your particulars as follows.

Private telephone and fax numbers?..........

Country of Origin?.................................

Your occupation?..................................

Your official age?...................................

Your passport or ID card number?..............

In sincerity,

Mr.Musa Garuba

please call me with this phone number (+226 78 30 31 16)


Are there people who actually get fooled by it??

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lina@happy family said...

I've never received an email like this...


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