Sunday, June 20, 2010

Holiday Euforia

Talking about holiday is so much fun. Maybe that is the reason sometimes I talk about it in my blog. Holiday is a fun day for everyone. Almost everyone loves to have holiday. Usually if a person work in a company, in a year, he or she will have about 12 days of holiday. The twelve days are different than the public holiday. The workers can use the holiday combine with the public holiday, so that the number of their holiday days are less cut.

The holiday will make everyone happy; from the upper directions, middle-class workers, and the lower-level workers. Yes, holiday is a day which has been waited by many people. So how about your holiday plan? Have you thought about it? There are so many places you can choose to visit for your holiday. You also can choose many activities for the holiday.

If you like music, then I suggests you to go to the USA or the United Kingdom. Both have world class musicians. The US is famous for their all kind of music genre. You can find almost all kind of songs and artist in there. If you ask me, maybe I choose to attend rock group’s concert at there. I love all Guns n’ Roses music, so I would like to attend their concert. There is another group I want to see, Creed. I love Scott Stapp’s vocal and how the Creed’s music as the background music. Luckily, the group has been regrouping, so I will have a chance to hear them live.

You also can go to Disney Land if you choose USA as your holiday. You will have Disney World Packages from many travel agencies. Make sure you choose the best packages. Learn about them very well. If you are lucky, you can save money yet have a great holiday.

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