Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Looking Style

As a man, fashion is also an important thing like it does to woman. It is nice to wear a nice fashion and style on your body. You don't have to be anyone else. Just be you and use your style. It is also important to keep update about the fashion. Make sure you combine the new fashion with your style. I don't recommend you to really follow the new fashion, after all. Your style is what matter the most.

You can add fashion in many occasion to your style. For example; try to use Carhartt B11 work pants for work. Add the shirt just as usual, try to combine it with something which proper. If you are following my idea, I believe your working associates will surprise to look at your new style.

How about using Color Underwear too for work? Yep, that will be a brilliant idea. You will not only be stylish at out side, but also at in side. It will be a great thing if you plan to get laid on. Ups... Don't bother that sentence, please. Other jeans like Levi's 514 Slim will also do the style. Just make sure you change your style every now and then!

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