Monday, August 23, 2010

The Healthiest AC Air Temperature?

There are people who can't live without this thing. There are people who can't live if this thing is on. So, it is a win win situation. Not all people can't use this thing. But what if you have to choose the healthiest temperature?

If you have a higher metabolic rate, you'll tend to feel warmer than someone with a lower metabolic rate. Keep your air conditioning temperature set at a point where you do not feel overly cold or warm. It's healthier if your body isn't having to work to keep your temperature regulated. Another factor to keep in mind when choosing a healthy temperature is the relative humidity of the air. Dry air at 72 degrees F. will feel cooler than humid air at the same temperature.

Particularly in the summer, it is healthier to keep your air conditioning set at around 10 degrees cooler than the temperature outside. You will be better able to adjust to the heat when spending time outdoors and your body will have to do less work to regulate your temperature when you leave or return to your house.

Btw, it is a lot healthier for your pocket if you use it higher temp from 25 C degrees, LOL.....

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