Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Do's of Weight Loss

Don't tricked by the myths. Use the correct guidelines for your weight loss program. Don't let scammer and spammer ruin your program. Follow the Do's and avoid the Don'ts.

In this day and age, like it or not, you have to be Calorie or Kilojoule-wise. You can do this by getting a Calorie counter or access this information online. You’ve got to know where your Calories come from, both from food and drink, and you especially have to know your “exception” foods or your ‘sometimes’ foods.

These are your foods that you go to when you’re stressed or when you’re celebrating and have a couple of drinks. You need to know the exercise cost of the Calories in those foods to help you work out whether it’s worth continuing to eat and drink in the same way you are or whether you can cut down or substitute some of these foods.

My main advice would be to start now - like right now, immediately. The place to start, especially if you’ve had trouble losing weight before, is to write down what your daily life would look like if you were already living at a healthy weight:
• What sort of groceries would you buy?
• What sort of lifestyle would you have - how active would you be, how much television would you watch?
• What kind of meals would you cook?
• What kind of takeaways would you select?
• How would you treat yourself?
Then start to do some of the things on this list immediately.

You also need to check your weight regularly. Just make sure you are on the right track.

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