Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Keep Doing Weight Loss Diet While Traveling

Traveling is the best time for you to cheat during your weight loss diet. You maybe will have many excuses. Nonetheless if your motivation for weight loss diet is high, you would prevent yourself from eating bad meal during your travel.

You may not be jet-setting with the president, but every man is busy, every man is stressed, and as a result, every man crashes into the same diet roadblocks. Simply put, traveling doesn't make you fat. Crappy food and crappier habits do. So here's your chance. Follow these weight-loss rules of the road next time out and you'll immediately be bumped up to a better class: a leaner, healthier life.

Here's what to do: Using the guidelines in "How to Eat on the Road", choose from the lower-carb group as often as you can -- most of the time, in fact. But when those foods aren't available, go ahead and enjoy selections from the higher-carb group. To keep yourself honest, use this rule of thumb: Each time you choose a higher-carb food, try to have at least three lower-carb meals or snacks before dipping into that well again. What about alcohol? You can down up to two glasses of wine (10 ounces) or light beer (24 ounces) a night.

There are people who do lots of travel but still maintain their diet. How come?

"They found ways to add calorie-burning activities to their busy days, such as using the hotel gym at night, walking to meetings instead of taking a cab with the group, and buying one-day guest memberships to nearby gyms.

The main reason these savvy travelers succeeded? Commitment: "I am not on a diet, I have completely changed the way I eat and am enjoying what I eat and how I feel for the first time in my life."

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