Saturday, December 4, 2010

Eating Instant Noodle, Yes or No?

Nowadays, the working pressure of many people has been increased sharply in modern times. In order to save time, it has been a common habit to eat instant noodles in our daily life. Therefore, instant noodles are a kind of essential food. However, instant noodles have always been regarded as junk food without any nutrition. In fact, many people are not sure at all about whether instant noodles have nutrition or not.

Instant noodle is a kind of convenient food containing some basic nutrients needed by the human body. It can provide sugar, oil and protein for people. In fact, instant noodle is also a kind of staple food contained oil and salt. But instant noodles can not take the place of vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs and milk in our daily life. If people take instant noodles as the only food for dinner, the amount of fat provided by instant noodles is much higher than the ideal amount. In addition, the content of protein is relatively low. If people always eat instant noodles to take the place of the normal dinner in everyday life, many problems like the nutrition imbalance and trace element loss will be caused to threaten the human health.

Depends on the brand, but generally they aren't especially good for you. High in calories, generally have quite a lot of sat fats and trans fats, loads of salt and sugar. They're very tasty, but try not to eat them too often.

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