Friday, December 31, 2010

Instant Coffee Disadvantages

U.S. public first tested the taste of instant coffee at the national fair in Buffalo in 1901. The invention gave rise to a great deal of controversy. The instant coffee still divides the world in two.

While no self respecting coffee lover would ever be caught dead drinking a cup of instant coffee, this type of coffee drink perfectly suits the needs of the occasional coffee drinker. The thing is instant coffee is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a cup of coffee and has all of the characteristics that you would expect from a coffee. It has the caffeine kick that many coffee drinkers want from their coffee and has a coffee-like taste that admittedly pales when compared to gourmet coffee drinks.

Instant coffee has various advantages. One of the advantages is speed of preparation. It requires no time to dissolve into the hot water. It has reduced weight and volume. It has long shelf life. It means instant coffee does not lose flavour for long time.

Instant coffee has some disadvantages also. One disadvantage is that instant coffee is easily spoiled if it is not kept dry. It has low quality taste than that of the brewed coffee. Generally, the coffee beans used in the production of instant coffee are of lowest quality.

Coffee contains caffeine. The most amazing fact is that one cup of liquid coffee contains more amount of caffeine than a cup of tea while dry coffee contains less amount of caffeine than tea.

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