Friday, December 31, 2010

Why Do Women Like Men on Thight Shirt?

I have very muscular gay friends that wear tight shirts... so is not the muscle that will make a man look manly, is the attitude, and well, yes, some designs and color can also affect!

Labels sometimes will not make it. Try to find something appealing for you and that your parents do not consider sugary, and, even when you still disagree remember that your parents are being honest with you because they love you...

There's no such thing as looking gay. Gay men come in all shapes, sizes, and fashion styles. If you like the to wear your shirts in a certain way then go for it. It shows that you have confidence in who you are and a clear sense of self- and that's sexy.

Other Opinion :

Tight shirts will link you to Right Said Fred! And if you don't know who that is... They sang that song "I'm too sexy"

Tight shirts should not be worn.... BUT there is only one way that it would be ok. And even still they are not TOTALLY tight. The fabric must NOT be spandex or anything similar. More like a cotton blend of some sort and preferably in Black... white if you can get away with that color.

All in all it's just best to stay away from tight shirts! Especially if you are thin, muscles or not!

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