Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Breast Silicone Disadvantages

The main advantage of silicone breast implants over saline is that silicone feels more like real breast tissue. Silicone gel is a very unique substance in that it is semisolid, kind of like toothpaste, but it feels different.

There are a few disadvantages of silicone implants. The first is that they are more expensive (about $1,000 more), because the silicone gel is more expensive than saline. They can also be somewhat more difficult to work with. If your doctor measures incorrectly and one implant is bigger than the other, a whole new implant will be needed, where as with saline, he can simply drain out or add more fluid as needed. Also, for this reason, slightly bigger incisions must be made to accommodate silicone implants, which must be inserted at their pre-filled size, while saline implants can be inserted at a smaller, deflated size and then filled once inserted.

Silicone implant may rupture at times and basis the leakage of silicone gel but it won’t require any quality of life problems. Your person may increment a scar ensuing rupturing the implant dubbed capsular contracture and the formation of scars is a multitude of in silicone implants.

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