Friday, June 17, 2011

Fit with PushUps

"Mike, how do I get rid of my Bingo Arms?"

No, it's not by doing a bunch of tricep extensions!

It's by doing the following...

* Step 1: Fix Your Diet!
* Step 2: Work on your pushups!
* Step 3: When you can do 10 pushups then we'll talk...

If you can't do 10 pushups in a row then I don't want to hear you "tried everything and I can't get rid of these Bingo Arms!" A pushup is one of the simplest, most effective exercises to develop strength and musculature in the upper body and arms.

Get fit with 100 pushups

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11 Feb Posted by Tony Lopes in Fitness | 1 comment
Get fit with 100 pushups

One hundred push ups is all it takes to get super fit and healthy – according to

The site offers a six week training program that promises to increase your strength to the point where you can do 100 consecutive push ups. Sound crazy? It actually seems to work…and if you think that you’ll never do it, why not give it a try and see for yourself? No gym equipment needed, just good old gravity and your own body weight.

Push up

Now then, for those of you who haven’t experienced the pain of a school PE class in some years, here’s a reminder of what a push up is:

The definition of a push up according to Wikipedia, is “a common strength training exercise performed in a prone position, lying horizontal and face down, raising and lowering the body using the arms.”

Push ups are the stock standard training techniques used by armies, kung fu classes and personal trainers around the world. The reason why it’s so popular is because it basically gives your entire upper body and core a great workout, especially the pectorals and triceps.

I just did 10 and I can feel myself positively glowing with health already (and panting for relief).

How to do a push up
A quality push up involves the following:
• Lie prone (on your stomach) with your hands at shoulder width (or slightly wider)
• With your body kept straight, raise yourself off the ground
• Lower until your chest is nearly touching the ground
• Repeat (until you can’t anymore)
• To keep good form, imagine a straight line running between your head and your ankles

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