Monday, July 18, 2011

To Breathe Properly on a Run

When you run, you get out of breath. This is normal. This is natural. Your body runs on oxygen, just as your automobile runs on gasoline. When you start to exercise--whether running, walking or any other physical activity--your muscles need more oxygen. The body meets this need by supplying oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. The lungs work harder to absorb this oxygen out of the air.

Try going through one full breath - inhaling and exhaling - every six to eight steps you take while running. In other words, for the first three to four steps, inhale a little bit on each step until at the third or fourth step, you have a full breath inflating your belly and lungs. Then for the next three to four steps, exhale a bit each time your foot hits the ground until you have exhaled completely.

1. Try slowing down before attempting to change your breathing.
2. Focus on longer, deeper breaths.
3. Breath more from your diaphragm (belly) than your chest (chest breathing is more shallow).
4. Focus on exhaling more fully. This will remove more CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and 5. allow for deeper inhalations of O2 (Oxygen).
6. Allow air to enter through both the nose and mouth. This will allow for maximum O2 intake.

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