Friday, October 14, 2011

How to Cure Hangover Nausea

One of the worst parts about a hangover is the nausea. It's sometimes impossible to take any remedy, even an aspirin, and hold it down until it can start to work. You probably already know some of the things that help you when you're facing the nausea of a hangover - or nausea for any other reason, for that matter. But take a look at some advice you may not have thought of.

The nausea pros - moms to be - have a hatful of tricks they use to get their days started when nausea is threatening to put their lives on hold. One of those is to eat something very dry and drink something very light. Even our grandmothers said that plain crackers or dry toast was a good thing to eat when nausea was a problem. And they were right!

Start with only a small amount of either, then wash it down with something very light. A weak tea is usually a good idea for a drink - hot if you're feeling chilled or cold if you're feeling flushed and overheated.

What You Need To Know

Water will help rehydrate your body. Drink water during and after alcohol consumption.
Be sure to snack before and/or after drinking.
When possible, sleep in the morning after.

Make a banana milkshake. If you aren't in the mood for solid food for breakfast, drink a banana milkshake to alleviate the symptoms of your hangover, including nausea. In a blender, mix two bananas with five cups of milk. Add honey to sweeten the drink. The bananas will restore your electrolytes and potassium, which are often depleted after heavy drinking. The milk will soothe your stomach and help keep you hydrated. And the honey will help boost your blood sugar levels.

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