Monday, October 31, 2011

Lets Try To Increase Your Stamina

Stamina is an elusive creature. Elusive in the fact that you cannot rate it on a scale fron one to ten. How do you know that you don't have enough stamina? You may have enough and not know it. Is the lack of stamina the lack of motivation? If it is, then you may lack motivation. Motivation is the father of stamina. So, let's get you motivated first.

Weightlifting is another good activity. Start slow and stay slow. You don't need to lift great weights. Just make yourself do it. Five or ten pounds with enough repetitions will do wonders. One thing is essential to motivation. You can't be motivated without a good nights sleep. Many of us don't plan for the most important part of living. Great living starts with great sleeping.

You probably have an idea what interval training is. It’s a proven way to increase endurance. Basically, it’s just a combination of sprinting, jogging, and walking. When you do your runs, you do sprints and jogs/walks alternately. You can do them for at least 20 minutes during your run. Even better if you can do it longer. The jogging/walking part is the recovery aspect of the training. Use this time to gather energy for the next sprint.

Try to eat a lot but avoid garbage food like hamburgers and chips. Always chew many times before swallowing the food. This will help you maximize the nutrients you get out of the food. You should try to eat at least 3 big meals per day combined with 3 small. Avoid commercial energy drinks and power bars. Nothing is better than real food, believe me. Try to sleep at least 8 hours because you need to be fit and have lot of energy if you want to increase your stamina levels.

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