Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Low Fat Ice Cream and Six Pack Abs

When you keep your sugar intake low you force your body to NOT over produce insulin. Insulin is known as the fat storage hormone. So, if you keep your sugar to 15g max per day, then you keep your body from producing too much insulin, and you keep your body from storing fat or belly fat. Pretty simple right? :-)

One of the best ways to keep your daily sugar intake very low is to swap out your favorite sugar filled foods with a “good” alternative that does not contain sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Please don’t be fooled by those ice creams that say “no sugar added”. If you look at the nutrition label on those they usually still have several grams of sugar per serving. If you are like me and try to keep your sugar intake to 15g maximum per day you don’t want to be fooled by some clever marketing chatter like “no sugar added”.

Please watch out for the ice creams that are sweetened with Splenda or other artificial sweeteners as well. I personally don’t like to eat artificial sweeteners because I read how they aren’t that good for us, so I would recommend staying away from artificial sweeteners as well.

Remember, the importance of nutrition is critical in whether you have great abs or no abs! Diet accounts for 80% in achieving that coveted six pack stomach. Divide your meals into 6 per day ensuring protein is in each and every meal. Typically you need 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight.

With regard to carbohydrates aim for 1g per pound of bodyweight on training days and 0.5g on non-weight training days. This carb rotation has proven to be the most effective method in gaining and preserving muscle whilst cutting for great abs.

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