Friday, October 28, 2011

Medical Benefit of Ginseng Coffee

Coffee usually makes you feel fatigue and gloom along with an uncomfortable sensation. These are the usual symptoms; what is worse is that finally when you try to sleep away your blues at night, you just can't. That's not the end. The next morning you get up tired, thirsting for a steaming cuppa to settle your mood.
Thus begins a coffeeholic's journey. At the end of which, apart from developing dark circles under the eyes, you also acquire acidity problems, irregular palpitations and more.

Ginseng Coffee is a mixture of high quality coffee, precious ginseng, milk powder and sugar. It has all the advantages of ordinary coffee. It makes you feel alert in the early morning hours, it promotes your digestion and it has a great taste.

Ginseng helps to prolong human life and to preserve agility of human body. In the “Compendium of Medica”, a celebrated medical book written by Li Shi-Zhen of the Ming dynasty, one can find a quotation that Ginseng cures “all kinds of anemic feebleness inflicted upon male or female patients”.

The main constituents of Ginseng include: gensenoside, panaxic acid and essential oil, together with B-sisterol, vitamins, saccharides, peptides of low molecular weight and various kinds of amino-acids.

But on top of that, Ginseng Coffee eliminates some of the big disadvantages that come along with ordinary coffee, like nervousness, accelerated heart beat, sweating, sleepless nights, depression and fear.

In short, Ginseng is a drug ideal for treatment of the above mentioned diseases and for its tonic value. A long-term administration of this Extract will lead to long life and body aqility.

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