Sunday, April 27, 2008

get real?

This is example of bad advertising which is only want to sell something without explain to the customer first.

"You'll never get sexy flat abs with crunches and situps. Get Real!"

Maybe before you click the advertising you will think, "Ow... That is right.. I have to control my eating too.."

But after you click it, you will think "Naaahhh... Just common advertising.. Selling and buying stuff.."

If you wanna get sexy flat abs for real read my other post.


Enno said...

beneeeer banget! Setuju sekalee... lagian juga ya sexy itu gak hanya diliat dari fisik kalee :D

Melissa said...


maklum jal gw orang sibuk jadi ga update2 wakakakaka *disepak*

lagi banyak peristiwa yg menyedihkan jal.. tiap kali mo posting jd inget itu jd sedih lagi trus ga jadi deh :(


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