Sunday, April 27, 2008

Playing with Video Games

Okay, another post about video games. I never said the word die for video games. It will help you relaxing after school or work. Work? Yes, even proffesional needs video games in order to lower their stres level. This based on a study in many universities around the world.

The games are also more and more interesting. Each person has his or her own favourite kind of games. Somepeople like sports game, puzzle, or shooting. I my self is in love with role-playing-games kind of. Why I like it? Because with just one CD of games I can play it for weeks. Yes, the story is long and mostly it is include a war. So the story is longer than other games.

If you like soccer you will probably play FIFA Soccer or Winning Eleven (the Japanese trade mark). Or if you like puzzle you can try the classic one like tetris. What about survival horror game? Yes, Resident Evil is the best! You must try to play it.

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