Thursday, May 8, 2008

Make It Slow..

Do you know that stopping smoking, drinking alkohol, and caffein all at once is bad?

Yes, indeed.

Stopping the three stuff above altogether in a sudden will increase the stress level in your body.

So if you want to try to quit from the hazards, make it slow. For the beginning, reduce the caffeine and alcohol in a half. If you are smoking, reduce as many as posibble cigarette that you usually take.


rhein fathia said...

loh...loh... maksute apa itu kok bilang aku kurang ajar? hihi... tentang masakan itu ya?:D

Vina Revi said...

Saran yang bagus! Tapi untuk menghentikan ketiga-tiganya sebenernya cuma ada 2 syarat yaitu niat dan niat.

Melissa said...

withdrawal symptoms??



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