Monday, April 5, 2010

An Apple a Day Really Keeps the Doctor Away?

Ever heard the quote "An apple a day keeps the doctor away?"? Is that really true?

Do you really know what makes an apple so special? Why is it that we never hear an orange or a banana a day keeps the doctor away?

Well, apple has nutrients like no other fruits do. This fact is proven time over time. Let's take a look.

Apple contains Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps greatly your immune system. A lot of people who lack Vitamin C in their diet have poor healing, bruise easily and have bleeding gums.

Low in calories. A regular size apple has between 70-100 calories. Eating an apple when craving for candy or chocolate can make the desire disappear since apple in itself contains sugar, but gives you only ? of the calories.

Apples taste great and provide essential vitamins, minerals and fiber that may help to protect from chronic diseases. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 recommends that we eat more fruits and veggies than any other food group — for adults, that's 3½ to 6½ cups (7 to 13 servings) daily for better health.

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