Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pick a Healthy Lunch?

For majority of the people, lunch is a relieve. In lunch they can eat more than usual compare to breakfast or dinner. Some people even eat lunch twice as their breakfast. This is not a good thing. Keep your meal balanced in quantity and quality.

On days when you buy a sandwich, go to a place that'll make one to order. Ask for turkey or roast beef, extra tomatoes and onions, and only a smidge of mayonnaise. Better yet, opt for mustard. Don't get tuna if it's mixed with lots of mayo. By skipping that eggy, oily spread, you'll cut back the fat and cholesterol significantly.

If the only planning your lunch involves is where you'll get your sarnie from, you're missing a trick. Ready-made food can be high in calories and fat, making it harder to eat healthily and keep those pounds off. You have to find out how to transform your midday meal and make good choices when you're short of time.

Checking your tooth also important, that is why you have to go to the dentist once in six-months.

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