Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Watch Your Stuff!

If you are a sport's person, then you know what I mean. When you are going to do your routine at the gym, you must be bring many things in your bag. Sometimes people are bringing all their stuff because they just got home from work. It means that they bring they valuable stuff, including cell phone, wallet, any many more.

So it is important to watch your stuff. Make sure that your gym has good and protect-able locker. The lockers must be in the perfect conditions. I want to tell you a story. My first gym has bad gym lockers . Some of them even can't be closed. Don't ask me if the gym owner want to take responsibilities for the missing things.

when you go to workout your body, your mind must be in the same place. Don't let your mind wandering off thinking whether your stuffs are safe or not. My advice before you sign in to a gym, check all the things in it, make sure they have the best equipments, including the lockers . So, enjoy your sports time!

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