Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stratocaster or Telecaster?

Which one is the best? What do you think? More people use the Strat than the Tele. Maybe because it is more popular. What about the sound?

When you play them both with a clean sound yes, there is a very big difference between a Strat and a Tele. The more you raise the gain though, the less apparent that difference becomes.

What distinguishes a Tele-sound is the twang that you get from the bridge pickup mounted directly in that huge metal bridge plate. And what distinguishes a Strat sound is that quack you get from the middle pickup combined in parallel with either of the other two pickups. Neither stock guitar can quite re-create the aforementioned conditions of the other. Tele's just-neck sound better than Strat's just-neck sound. The Tele's is more boxey and jazzy sounding.

Tele is more versatile. I mean, the Strat is good for rock, metal, blues, jazz and a bit of country but, to get all that plus a much better country sound, you'll want a Tele!

So, in conclusion, I feel that if you want to rock, buy a Strat, but if you want to add some blues in you rock, buy a Tele!


Valter said...

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