Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

One of the challenges we face in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, is what to do when traveling. How do we eat healthy when we’re limited to airport food and business dinners? How do we keep up our exercise routine when we’re on a plane most of the day or in meetings?

Get any recommended vaccines or preventative medication before traveling abroad. Contact your physician, or visit a travel health website, to learn if there are any recommendations for your travel destination. Common vaccines that keep travelers healthy include hepatitis and tetanus. Find out if you should take anti-malaria pills on your trip, it's advisable for travel to certain countries abroad.

Nutritionist Kelly Aronica stresses the importance of “eating healthy before you leave as an easy way to feel great at the start of your trip. You won’t want to ruin that by overeating abroad.” She suggests five to seven servings of fruit and vegetables per day, as well as healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocados, and fatty fish, will set you straight before an adventure of any size.

Heading home, you should try to get yourself back on track as soon as possible, according to Aronica. Staying hydrated and settling back into your healthy eating habits are paramount. Eating three healthy meals per day can help you readjust to your time zone as will getting back into your regular workout routine.

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